Pigments and White Minerals

Providing Solutions in color chemistry since 1977.

To be used for: Household detergents, bleaching agents, and as a finishing agent in the textile industry and color bleach. RUTILE TITANIUM DIOXIDE HTR-628 Multifunctional and general – purpose with excellent whiteness, dispersibility, brightness and greater coverage. RUTILE TITANIUM DIOXIDE HTR-616 Excellent coverage and gloss capacity, good dispersibility, particularly applicable to plastics processing. TITANIUM DIOXIDE AF 101 To be used for: Paper pulp detergents, porcelain, dyes for leather and enamels. Used in the manufacture of powdered detergents TITANIUM DIOXIDE AFDC To be used for: Detergents and soaps for cosmetic use CALCIUM CARBONATE To be used for: Paint manufacturing, rubber plastics, adhesives, paper, toothpaste, cement, ceramics, cosmetics, pesticides, insecticides, antibiotics, neutralizing agent, and food additives. See technical data sheet Brochure
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